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Golden Mechanical is your trusted source for Bedford air conditioning repair, providing 24 hr AC repair for your AC unit which can be essential to your comfort during the sweltering summer days. The days are done when you can keep your home cool by opening the windows in the morning or by keeping your ceiling fan on. Whether you need a new AC unit, or you need to request a repair of AC, Golden Mechanical will respond with urgency to each of your emergency air conditioning calls. Our Bedford home AC service team is highly rated by your neighbors and friends. Bedford’s team of HVAC service technicians come with many years of experience installing Golden Mechanical air conditioners and repairing existing units.

Free Estimates On Unit Replacements

One of Golden Mechanical’s most preferred services is the Bedford free estimate on an AC unit replacement. We offer a line of HVAC units that are a cut above your current unit, providing longer lasting life with fewer repairs. When assessing the state of your current unit to determine whether or not a replacement is needed, our experienced technicians check several points on the unit. During the detailed AC evaluation our Bedford air conditioning repair technicians check everything, including the blower assembly. Our experts also check the evaporator coil, the drain pan and drain lines. Our thorough inspection always includes checks for wear on the fan motor and on the fan blades. When we find areas of damage to older units, we lubricate the targeted areas and make technical adjustments in order to improve performance as much as possible.

Experienced Technicians

The technicians we hire are clean cut, experienced and respectful. Our technicians are sure to keep their focus on the task at hand without invading your personal space. This is all part of the Bedford free estimate AC unit replacement policy which always includes putting the customer first. With one of our technicians handling the Bedford air conditioning repair backed by Golden Mechanical you can rest assured that you are benefitting from the latest advancements in HVAC technology. Our goal is to be sure that the quality of HVAC service in your home is optimal at all times.

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