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Property managers and homeowners searching for the best and brightest Burleson AC maintenance team can call upon Golden Mechanical. Golden Mechanical is a specialized, family operated HVAC company that has been in business for 27 years.

24-Hour Services

Is your air conditioning not cooling or do you suddenly find yourself in need of emergency HVAC repair or service? Golden Mechanical is here for you with 24 hr AC repair, so call now to get your heating and cooling needs met right away. It can be very difficult and inconvenient to live without a functioning HVAC unit; additionally, business owners and managers lose profits and employee productivity when the temperature and environment is not properly regulated. For this reason, Golden Mechanical offers you 24-hour help and emergency service to also take care of any and all of your unexpected heating and cooling issues.


Whether you’re having obvious issues, minor concerns about your unit and system or simple maintenance needs, the experts at Golden Mechanical will assess your air conditioning needs and help you make the best plan for repair or replacement that also fits your budget. The technicians at Golden Mechanical will inspect your unit and help you decide if you need a Burleson air conditioning replacement unit or repairs on your current system.

AC Maintenance

If you reside in Arlington or if you’re looking for Burleson AC maintenance, Golden Mechanical is the team you’ll want to have ready to ensure your home or building is properly cared for. One of the best ways to keep your system working as efficiently as possible, which also helps prevent repair and replacement costs, is to set up an AC maintenance agreement with Golden Mechanical.

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Why not call Golden Mechanical now at 817-803-5100 and get a Burleson AC estimate for your home or business? We believe it’s time for you to rest assured that you have the proper HVAC service and maintenance that your system needs and that you deserve. We are also here to provide you with more information about Golden Mechanical HVAC maintenance agreements and service options as well as our emergency repair and replacement or installation service.The friendly and knowledgeable technicians at Golden Mechanical are happy to meet with you and discuss your options for Burleson AC maintenance as well as to help address your questions and needs if you are considering a Burleson air conditioning replacement unit.

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