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Golden Mechanical offers top notch service in Grand Prairie AC repair. No matter the season or the time of day, we are committed to making sure our customers are comfortable and satisfied in their homes and businesses. Life without a properly functioning air conditioning unit can be expensive and uncomfortable, so keep us in mind next time you find your AC not cooling.

Family Owned & Operated

Not only is Golden Mechanical known for being family owned and operated, but we have also been maintaining and repairing air conditioning units for the last 27 years, so we are professional and reliable. We are committed to keeping our Grand Prairie customers comfortable and we are also committed to friendliness and customer service. You can rest assured knowing you are hiring a personable, professional company for your Grand Prairie home AC service needs.

Emergency Calls

One of the things that makes us stand apart in a crowd is the fact that we offer 24 hr repair when it is needed. This means that we take emergency calls at any time of day or night and will do our best to check on your unit as soon as possible if you are having trouble. Operating this way makes it much easier for you to stay cool in your home or business at all times.

Maintenance Agreements

We also offer Grand Prairie air conditioning service maintenance agreements. Purchasing this will ensure that your unit is being properly maintained and repaired throughout the year to keep it running at its most efficient pace. Signing up for one of our Grand Prairie air conditioning service maintenance agreements will also prevent you from finding you need a new AC unit all the time. Properly caring for the life of your air conditioning unit will extend its life and keep your electric bill as low as possible.

AC Repair

Whatever your Grand Prairie AC repair needs are, we can likely help you out. From friendliness to experience to emergency service to maintenance agreements, our services cover the entire spectrum. Instead of letting you air conditioning unit be, be proactive and take the steps needed to lengthen its life. Whether you need some Grand Prairie AC repair or just regular maintenance done on your unit, make sure to give us a call today at 817-803-5100 for more information on our services.

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