Heating and Cooling in Arlington, TX

The HVAC system goes a long way to keep you comfortable.

It would be so hard to get through winter or summer without heating and air cooling in Arlington, Tx. But what exactly happens inside the HVAC system, and how does it keep you cool or warm? 

Understanding how an HVAC system works is essential, especially when it comes to replacing or maintaining it.

First, you should know that the Heating and cooling system works on the principle that heat moves from a warmer object to a cooler one. 

Thus, the HVAC is made up of 3 major components;

  • A source of warm or cold air such as a furnace, heat pump, compressor
  • A means of distributing the air into rooms, i.e., circulating fan, and ductwork
  • A thermostat or control to regulate the system

How the Heating System Works

The heating system contains two heating appliances, a boiler and a furnace. The burners in the furnace generate combustion gases. It is then passed through a heat exchanger, which makes it hot. 

After that, the air is blown into the system’s heat exchanger, where it becomes warm and then distributed throughout your home via air ducts. The cycle is repeated.

How Cooling System Works

The standard cooling AC system is the split system and it consists of an outdoor cabinet that contains:

  • Condenser coil and compressor 
  • An Indoor evaporated coil that is installed with the furnace (of the heating system) and works together to pump cold air.

The warm air from your out blows across the indoor evaporated coil. 

Then the compressor pumps refrigerant, a cool, low-pressure gas, into the indoor evaporated coil. Here, the refrigerant absorbs the heat energy, cools the air, which is then transferred to your home through the connecting doors. The refrigerant returns to the compressor, and the cycle starts again. 

If the HVAC system doesn’t function properly as stated above, you may need repair service, including heating and cooling in Arlington, TX.

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