Keller Commercial HVAC Repair Heating & Cooling System Upgrades

The Keller commercial HVAC repair you receive from Golden Mechanical will keep your office comfortable and free from pollutants. Allergy season can cause some hazards for HVAC users if the system is not running well or if it has not been cleaned in a while. If you have employees moving into the office who are new to this area and sensitive to the pollutants we have, a specialist with Golden Mechanical can check your system to be sure that it is clean and filtering out as many pollutants as possible. They will explain the best ways to deal with these potential problems before you have to consider a full Keller heating & cooling system upgrade or an HVAC system replacement.

Keeping Everyone Comfortable

When the time comes for you to work with the Keller commercial HVAC repair professionals at Golden Mechanical, you may consider upgrading to a dual fuel system or to a heat pump system. These systems effectively reduce the cost of energy during the spring and fall seasons when the heat is used. When you contact a qualified technician to take advantage of the Keller heating & cooling system upgrades these technicians will verify the life expectancy of your new HVAC system. Additionally, in our service maintenance agreements, Golden Mechanical will add a recommendation for short, mid and long-range solutions based on what you prefer and what you need. It is highly recommended that you speak with your technician about scheduled maintenance solutions which can keep the HVAC running longer and in better condition. But, even under the unexpected conditions, the emergency HVAC commercial service is available within 24 hours.

The Right Thermostat Can Make All the Difference

There are advanced models of a programmable thermostats that can change the cooling temperature based on humidity and changes in outdoor ambient temperatures. Our property management HVAC service technicians can review these options with you in greater detail to make an effective cooling system upgrade with these high-tech thermostats, rather than a full system replacement. These changes can improve your comfort as well as add more energy savings without you making any adjustments to the thermostat. When dealing with humidity, one way to solve the problem for an AC is to control the indoor relative humidity at a comfortable range of 35 to 45 percent. As a result, you can turn down your thermostat about 3 degrees and still keep your level of comfort and warmth, while adding the energy savings benefit.

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