Pantego AC Repair Air Conditioning Service Maintenance Agreements

Golden Mechanical offers highly qualified Pantego AC repair by some of the most experienced professionals in the business. When choosing to go with our experienced professionals you can be assured that you are keeping proper maintenance for your HVAC unit. In addition, you will have lower cooling costs when your unit is operating most efficiently.

What Is A Maintenance Contract?

A maintenance contract is an agreement with Golden Mechanical where we perform services to your air conditioning system in order to keep your system in proper maintenance at all times. Pantego air conditioning service maintenance agreements through Golden Mechanical, assure that you are reminded when you are due for a maintenance visit, which is usually once or twice a year. Sticking to a regular schedule for cooling unit service is the key to keeping your air conditioning unit up to date and functioning at its best. To your benefit, reminder calls once or twice a year comes along with a membership agreement. But it’s not the only benefit you will have of Golden Mechanical Pantego air conditioning service maintenance agreements.

Quality Services Guaranteed

After a technician has left your home from an emergency AC service request, you will have a 90-day guarantee from the date of repair for quality of service. When you need a new unit installed for the first time you will be provided an AC estimate and a 10% discount on all labor charges. In our service agreement for existing HVAC systems we offer one free diagnostic evaluation on all first-time repairs. Pantego AC repair provided through Golden Mechanical also takes pictures of our installations for a total of 6 pictures on all our repairs which go to leadership to double check the quality of the work. All of our AC service maintenance agreements are designed to assure your satisfaction with the service we provide.

Is Your Unit Making Noises?

Although an air conditioner that rattles may only need a simple fix it also could grow a lot worse. When a rattling noise starts, call Golden Mechanical for a Pantego AC repair so the problem can be solved before it becomes worse. As a Guarantee within our Pantego air conditioning service maintenance agreements, Golden Mechanical will provide skilled professionals to your home who can eliminate the rattles of your air conditioner within 24 hours.

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